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Plans have been revealed by the firm behind Wembley Stadium, the World Trade Centre and Beijing Airport to build a 3D printed structure on the moon, as a collaboration between building firms, universities and space agencies. The structure would be built around an inflatable skeleton transported from Earth and a shell built by 3D printers on the site, which would be the south pole of the moon. According to teams of scientists who have surveyed the site, the naturally occurring soil, regolith, could be used to create a building by 3D printing technology. This was tested by setting up a “D-shape” printer, which are used to create large objects like buildings, in a vacuum with artificial regolith. It was found that solid objects could be successfully made, although the printer has not yet been tested under lunar gravity, which is less than that on Earth. Production is hoped to begin on a specialised 3D printer in 2020.

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